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give it to me straight, no chaser

2 o'clock and my mind departed

28 May 1981

A Quick Blurb

Established in 2001

I'm just me, which means I'm a 30 year old Canadian girl that goes by Tams to most. I was the night auditor for two years at a local hotel until moving to Japan in September 2008 to work as a receptionist at a resort that teaches English and is used for a lot of dramas. I now live in London, ON working at a hotel. I don't post all that often, mostly because my life is boring though I do try to make an effort when I go on trips or something amazing happens.

I'm not going to bother listing my likes and dislikes since most fandom-and material-related interests are listed in the interests section.

Friending Policy:
Please comment on the Friends Only post stating you'd like to friend me and I will more than likely add you. Though, an interest or three in common is always awesome, as is being over twenty-one so we're likely to have more in common in aspects of life.

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Colour Bars & Things

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